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Send corporate-quality broadcast marketing emails;

Simple enough for anyone to do.

How does Deal Blast work?

  • Deal Blast provides the easiest way for commercial real estate professionals to create and send great looking HTML emails.
  • Reaction Web designs your custom HTML email template that you customize with your own text and photos when you send a blast email.
  • Every email has custom recipients and subjects.
  • Power users can upload their own HTML
  • Your computer doesn't send any messages. Deal Blast does all the work.
  • Automatically reports messages sent, who opened them, who forwarded them on, and who-clicked-what-link in the email.
  • Captures bounce-backs so you can update your email marketing lists.

What else does Deal Blast do?

  • Deal Blast emails exceed CAN-SPAM legal requirements
  • Automatically includes a plain-text alternative that can be read on mobile devices
  • Includes a, “view this email as a web page” link just in case something doesn’t look right for a recipient
  • Includes an, “Unsubscribe” link that will move a contact to inactive when clicked

What can Deal Blast be used for?

  • New listing announcements
  • Call for offers on existing listings
  • Market news updates
  • Company or broker team announcements
  • Email newsletters
  • Sold tombstones
  • Anything else you need to email to a large number of people

Who can use Deal Blast?

  • National Commercial Real Estate Brokerages
  • Commercial real estate broker teams
  • Real estate investment bankers
  • Financial Intermediaries
  • Real estate developers
  • Real estate owners
  • Real estate appraisers
  • Anyone else involved in, or catering to real estate

What’s the catch?

New Account Setup:
Contact us today, we can answer any questions you have and if Deal Blast is a fit, we can usually have a mockup of your template ready for review in 48 hours.
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